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Our company is engaged in the research, production and marketing in order to meet our customers’ request. Our target is saving energy and environmental protection. We are always in search of innovation, continuing in a policy of creating new conception.

We have an elitist recruitment policy and thus have a huge number of high qualified professional workers and engineer, they are in the field of the development of product quality management technology in the energy industry, the tertiary sector watch, and home automation, for several years. We have a modern production and control equipment including: an automatic lead-free reflow oven, machine soldering double automatic wave unleaded, spheres of test and measurement of illumination and many other tools and equipment.

We devote to develop and achieve energy-efficient lighting products, LED lighting, power consumption and other technologies. We combine our experience and continuous investment in the formation of a series of patented technology, our most products have got UL, CE, FCC and ROHS and any other safety standard. We also can design and produce LED lights according to the request of our customers and special requirements too (please contact us if you need).

Our products are used in factories, shops, restaurants, warehouses, office and other places need lighting. We will try best to produce high quality led lights as you request. Our market is all over the world, for example European, U.S., Africa, Australia, Japan, Korea and other regions and countries.

 Tel: +852 3971 9182; mob: +33 (0)665083822 e-mail : irelec@free.fr
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